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    Im in 3rd chapter now and still cant build stone roads and tools factory. Is it too early, do I have to trade these raw materials? Tried trading but no one is willing to sell me these minerals. HELP!!!

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    I have only played continuous games so far so I dont know about the campaign specifically. However if you want to mine these resources you need to look around your islands' mountains and see if you there are carts with materials floating above them (icons). If so, check what kind of material it is. Iron/copper/gold need an ore mine built over them, and an appropriate smelter. Stones/quartz need an appropriate workshop next to them and coal only needs a mine over it. Bears work just like stone/quartz by the way.
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    Most of the time, you need to buy tools from the NPC, until you can make them yourself.

    About stone, each Island contains different resources, but most all of them contain stone.

    Try to grab at least 2-3 islands with the most resources, the bigger the island the better, best way is to scout the map with your ship, look up all the islands resources, then restart the map and grab the best islands you can, but only build city on one, 2nd island would be for resource trade gathering and transport you main island.

    If you click the tab in top middle of your screen, that lists total wood/stone you have, a tab will pop out with all the resources on your island your looking at, click on the resource and it will instantly change your screen view and show you where it is on your island.
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    In Chapter 3 you need to start a new settlement on the other island in the Southwest.

    Load some wood and tools on your boat and establish the warehouse on the shore of Holbrook island.
    Then build the stone mine on that island.
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    Thank you Tkrens about the 'carts' & continous games. Thank you for showing me how to get the most out of the islands...I didnt know about the tab too. Thanks Onda1945 about Holbrook but Im beginning to enjoy the continous playing so it'll probably be awhile before I try it again.

    I have a new question, I have built my iron mines so I can make tools and the iron smelting factory, but they always stop because they are all full and eventhough I built a carting place(forgot what its called) just next to them to collect them, they dont!!! What am I doing wrong?
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    You need a road. Building the market building right next to a production facility isn't enough. They still need a little miniroad.

    If you have the road, then your warehouse is probably already full.
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