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22-09-08, 20:58
I prefer to play games( shooter) on my PC but its an old one. Is it possible to use a keyboard and a mouse for this game and ps3.



23-09-08, 04:35
There are no informations available yet, concerning this matter.

Might be possible, but it probably isn't, like with most console shooters.

I also have a PS3 and I'm already used to play shooters with the controller, so its not that big of a deal for me. I find it also being much more comfortable to play this way. Maybe not quite as fast, as Mouse + Keyboard, but only slightly. And since all other players also have to stick with it, nobody has an advantage in the multiplayer mode.

btw. There is afaik an english FC 2 forum too.

24-09-08, 11:00
I have heard about Unreal Tournament supplies Keyboard and Mouse. What albout FarCry