FAQ- Frequently asked questions regarding the new domination mode!

Where can I find help?
You should visit our official beta forum if you have questions, issues, comments, critics or feedback.

I've created a game. How do I invite other players into the game?

If you have created a new game, you're in it alone at first. If you want to start the game you need to invite other players. To do so, you need to click on buttons above for team red or below for team blue in the score bar. Contacts from your contact list which have the domination mode installed can be added like this, too. IMPORTANT: In order to start the game, at least one player has to be invited and active in each team!

How can I add other players to my contact list?
In the menu in the lower left corner you can perceive a symbol with two figures beside a globe. If you click on it, your personal contact list will appear. If you want to add a player to your contact list, type his ANNO name into the "Add to Contact List" and confirm it with the enter key. Alternatively, you can also right click on a player name to add.

How do I participate in a game?

Currently there in no such thing as a public lobby, and therefore there are no public games, where you can participate. You have to wait until a friend from your contact list adds you to a game.

Is there a domination chat that can only use my team?

Currently we don’t have a domination chat yet, but we are working on it and will deploy it within the next patches. Until then, you can use the "whisper" function: Right-click on the player, you want to chat with, and then click on "whisper".

How does the domination mode works?
In the domination mode two teams with up to 5 members are fighting for the highest score. You will get points for solving continuous singleplayer missions with an increasing level of difficulty: Alone or in coop. When you achieve more points than the opposing team in a mission, you automatically win this mission and gain access to other missions with other tasks.
The domination mode works asynchronously, which mean that you do not have to be online simultaneously. Your progress is automatically transmitted to the server when you save or solve a mission successful. For example you can play one hour, leave the game afterwards and then reenter it at any time. In the meantime your team members will be able to use the save game to continue.
Attention! Please remember that the domination mode is an online feature and it can be played only online! The Beta requires also an ANNO 2070 installation with Patch 1.4 already installed.

I received an invitation for a game of "Random_Map_xyz". What is that?
It is an invitation for a random game, which are being generated automatically by our servers to allow players to play domination mode without any ANNO contacts.
You get an invitation to those random games, if you have started domination mode once before, but didn’t find any players. All matches will be randomly filled to the max count of players. The game and card settings are random, but it is allowed for anyone to start their own game with new settings.
The whole thing is just a workaround until public areas available. With this workaround solution we hope to give everyone the chance to play the new domination mode.

How can I join public games?

To join a public game after the start of the domination mode you have to choose the tab "public areas". There is a list of all games that were made ​​by players in public. By clicking on the button "Join", you are joining the game you want.

How can I create a public game?

To create a public game you have activate a so called "public slot". It works like inviting friends to the game: After creating a match just left-click on an available player slot, and select from the list "Public Slot". Now the game should be public listed and players should be able to join.
IMPORTANT: For each "public slot" may enter only one player. Should the game be open to more public players, the corresponding number of slots have to be activated manually.
Example: You wish to add 4 public players to your game – you need to activate 4 public slots!

How does the new ranking system works?

For each completed domination game you are now awarded with "domination points". The number of these so called „domination points" depends most importantly on the team scores at the end of a domination game. Then for each game it will be calculated manually, how difficult this score was to accomplish.

Factors which are considered:
1) The type of card
2) The time limit
3) The match time
4) The skill level of the teams.

The so calculated level of difficulty will give you an extra bonus to your score. Subsequently, these "domination points" will be distributed to the teams. At the moment the winner gets all the points, the loser none.
"Domination points" will be only rewarded to those players who have until the end of the game. If you bail out before the game ends you will be rewarded with no points.